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Ministers - Past & Present
Weem Parish Church

The church of Weem was dedicated to St Cuthbert, and beside it was St Cuthbert's Well. The quaint old church still stands, but is used now only as a place of burial. There are some interesting monuments in it. Beside the church, there was at Weem a famous Chapel of St David, a local hermit, whose cave and holy well were frequented by pilgrims. The yearly tryst of Weem was called in his honour, Feill Dhaidh (David's Fair). On 5th July 1921 a decree transporting the church to a building formerly used as an Episcopal Chapel was pronounced by Court of Teinds.


1560 - Sir John Duncanson vicar.


1567 - William Ramsay, minister in 1567 with Fothergill and Grantully also in the charge; transferred to Fortingall in 1568.


1567 - Duncan MacAulay, transferred to Inisadain before 1570.


1570 - John Menzies, parson in 1570; still minister in 1593.


1575 - William Craigy, reader in 1575, when he purchased a Bible for the church.


1586 - Duncan McLagan, reader, previously at Dull in 1586; had charge also of Logiealloway, Grantully, and Dull in 1586; returned to Dull before 1590


1623 - James Menzies, minister of Mertoun in 1585, and of Dull 1605; transferred and admitted before 1623; still minister 13th October 1640. He married Margaret Ker, and had issue - James, who predeceased him, and John.


1635 - Thomas Ireland, third son of Alexander Ireland, minister of Kinclaven; Educated University of St Andrews, M.A. (1632); admitted prior to 15th October 1635; joined Protesters; was accused of being an Anabaptist, and suspended by Presbytery in 1660, but reponde October that year on condition he got a colleague appointed; was a tenant of Pittentian in 1663; transferred to Kirkmaiden 17th May 1663. He had issue - Alexander, Thomas and Elizabeth.



1663 - James Strachan, son of John Strachan, merchant in Dunkeld, and Janet Small; M.A. (St Andrews 1645); licenced by Presbytery of Dunkeld 1652; joined Protesters; admitted to Dunkeld July 1655, transferred and admitted to Weem about 1663; dep. by Presbytery of Perth, 22nd June 1692, for being absent five months from his charge, drunkenness, etc. He is probably the J.S. who petitioned for charity in 1704, alleging that he was plundered by the rebels in 1690 because he was the only minister within thirty miles who prayed for William and Mary. He died 5th November 1704, aged 80. He had no Gaelic. He married Anna Balmain (who survived him, and received charitable supply from the Kirk Session of Crieff, 9th October 1709), and had four children.


1693 - Duncan Menzies, M.A. (St Andrews, 23rd December 1687); Called 13th June; ordained Weem 12th September 1693; died 1st March 1699, aged about 32.


1705 - Archibald Campbell, born 1678; M.A. (St Andrews, 22nd July 1692); licenced by Presbytery of Dunkeld 2nd August 1704; called 12th December that year; ordained Weem 9th May 1705; died of fever at Bristo, Edinburgh, 14th July 1740. He left 6000 merks in trust, the interest to be divided among three schools in remote parts of the parish. He married (proc. 2nd December 1716) Ann (died 20th April 1745), daughter of John Stewart of Shawood, and widow of Alexander Bruce, apothecary, Edinburgh.


1741 - Alexander Campbell, presented by Sir Robert Menzies of that ilk, Bart., December 1740; ordained Weem 8th september 1741; transferred to Dull 25th April 1769.


1770 - John Calder, M.A.; presented by Sir Robert Menzies of that ilk, Bart., October 1769; ordained Weem 26th June 1770; transferred to Rosskeen 21st September 1775.


1776 - John Stuart, transferred from Arrochar; presented by Sir Robert Menzies of that ilk, Bart., 11th October 1775; admitted Weem 2ns May 1776; transferred to Luss 27th August 1777.


1778 - James McDiarmid, born 1744, second son of John McDiarmid, chief of the Fairheaded  McDiarmids, who were wadsetters of the farm of Kennaknock, Glenlochay, under Breadalbane for many generations; licenced by Presbytery of Mull 6th August 1772; ordained missionary at Glencoe; presented by Sir Robert Menzies of that ilk, Bart., in January, and admitted Weem 23rd April 1778; died 17th April 1828. He married 8th January 1773, Catherine, only child of John Buik, minister Tannadice, and had issue - Elizabeth, born 14th November 1775; John, born 25th February 1777, died 21st June 1778; John, author of Lives of Brirish Statesmen and other works, born 5th January 1779, died 7th April 1808; Catherine, born 6th August 1780, died 21st October 1781; Katherine, born 11th November 1783, died 21st April 1791; James, born 12th November 1784, died 2nd August 1793; Margaret, born 3rd March 1787, died 9th March 1796; Duncan, lieutenant York Infantry Volunteers, born 18th August 1790, died 6th September 1828.


1828 - Alexander Campbell, born Glenquaich 1788, son of Alexander Campbell, farmer, and Margaret Campbell; educated at Kenmore Schook and University of St Andrews; licenced by the Presbytery of Inverness 7th April 1812; ordained missionary at Grantully 13th April 1820; presented by Sir Neil Menzies of that ilk, Bart., in April, and admitted Weem 17th July 1828; clerk to the Presbytery of Weem, 1836-62; died 12th July 1878. He married 15th September 1820, Isabella Margaret (died 16th February 1875, aged 73), daughter and heiress of Major Alexander McGlashan of Eastertyre, and had issue - Alexander, advocate, born 25th August 1830, died 20th April 1853; Neil McGlashin, student, born 11th March 1832, died 18th December 1847; Susan Stewart, born 7th October 1833, died 30th August 1850; Robert, born 6th June 1835; Marsali Margaret, born 20th May 1837, died 16th October 1852; Jane, born 29th April 1841, died 18th November 1868; Isabella Margaret, born 13th July 1843, died 3rd August 1859.


1871 - Robert Grant Dunbar, born Inverness, October 1840, son of Robert Dunbar, hotelkeeper, and Margaret Grant; educated at Grantown Grammer School and University of Aberdeen; M.A. (1862); licenced by Presbytery of Abernethy in 1865; assistant at Drumlemble, Campbeltown, 1866; Kincardine on Spey, 1867; Weem, 1868; ordained (assistant and successor) 13th July 1871; clerk to the Presbytery of Weem, 1879-1914; died 4th July 1914. He married 6th January 1880, Margaret Isabella, daughter of William Stewart, Aberfeldy.


1914 - Angus Boyd, transferred from Kilchoman and admitted 16th December 1914; transferred to Urquhart and Glenmoriston 26th August 1921.


1921 - Finlay McNicol McKinnon, assistant at Kilmun; formerly of Aberfeldy; admitted 23rd November 1921.


Above information taken from Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae by Hew Scott DD 1923


1924 - Ian MacLellan


1966 - William Caskie


1971 - George M Dale


1981 - Adam Bowie


1989 - Alexander Gunn

2006 - Mark Drane

Dull Parish Church

The parish church was dedicated to St Ninian, and prior to the Reformation belonged to the Priory of St Andrews. From a very early time there was at Dull a great Celtic monastery. Like other foundations of this kind, it fell under the sway of a powerful landed family, and its government was more or less hereditary. The wide estate which its abbots thus held is still called the Appin (Abbot's Lands) of Dull. Part of the old monastic property also bears the name of Dalmonach (The Monk's Field). In the twelfth century this ancient abbey, like others, was converted by the Crown into a Tironensian Priory. Its patron was always St Adamnan, and St Adamnan's Well was at the Priory. The parish church had, beside it, a Well of St Ninian. An important yearly market held at Dull was called Feill Eonain (Adamnan's Fair). The parish of Fincastle, now named Tenandry, was united to Dull in the seventeenth century, but was disjoined again in 1851.


1567 - Rev. Duncan MaCaulay, Minister in 1567; presented to parsonage and vicarage of Fothergill by James VI  12th February 1568; transferred to Inisadain prior to 1574. Appointed a Visitor in the bounds of Dunkeld by the General Assembly April 1581. Still a minister in 1591. Transferred from Blair Atholl before 1st August 1607.


1585 - Rev Duncan McLagan, reader at Inisadain (Kenmore) in 1567 and Dull; was presented to the vicarage of  Dull by James VI 11th August 1573; transferred to Moulin and presented to the vicarage there "to be a Reader" by the King 30th July 1579; retransferred to Dull about 1585; transferred to Weem about 1586, but returned to Dull prior to 1590; died August 1603.


1605 - James Menzies, formely of Mertoun; presented by James VI 13th March 1605, transferrred to Weem prior to 25th March 1624.


1624 - John Cunison, son of John C Cunison and Isobel Oliophant Dunkeld, M.A. (St Andrews 1615); presented by James VI 25th March 1624; died between 4th May 1681 and 4th January 1682, aged about 86. He married Elspeth, daughter of Thomas Crichton of Polealk, and had issue - Thomas, in Pitnacrie;  John, minister of Killin.


1682 - John Cunison, son of Thomas Cunison, in Pitnacrie, and Elspeth Reid, and grandson of preceding; M.A. (St Andrews, 25th July 1676); presented by the Archbishop of St Andrews; adm. between 11th May and 5th July 1682; died August 1693, aged about 58. He married (cont. 18th August 1682) Beatric Campbell, sister of John Campbell of Turrerich, who survived him and had issue - John, served heir 12th November 1703; Elizabeth (married, cont. 7th June 1711, David Barles in Monzie) and four others.


1699 - John McKerchar, M.A. (St Andrews, 14th March 1672): ordrained to Comrie 15th March 1693; called July 1695; trans. and adm. 7th June 1699; died between 6th February and 13th March 1711, aged about 59. He married Jean Campbell, and had issue - Alexander, baptised 3rd July 1706. The Synod appointed a collection to be made for his widow, 6th May 1713.


1713 - Thomas Menzies, Licenced by Presbytery of Glasgow 26th September 1711; called 1st April 1712, but the Assembly sisted procedure 5th May 1713; the Presbytery, however, ordained him on 7th May at the house of Weem, the church being guarded by fifty armed men. The Commission of Assembly in August, while rebuking the Presbytery for settling him, sustained the settlement. He died in January 1717.


1717 - Duncan McLea, eldest son of Archibald McLea, merchant, Rothesay; became schoolmaster of Kilmodan before 1699 and of Inveraray; licenced by Presbytery of Dunoon 19th June 1710; ordained to Kirkmichael 26th September 1712; presented by John, Duke of Atholl, in September, and adm. 26th November 1717; died 26th July 1749. He married (1) 30th June 1721, a daughter of James McVurrich or Currie, minister of Kildalton, and had issue - John, minister of Lochgoilhead : (2) Christian Fleming, who died at Dunfries 10th November 1787, and had issue - Archibald, D.D., minister of Rothesay; Duncan, minister of Inverchaolain; Emily (married James Wright, merchant, Glasgow); Mary (married James Simsom, minister at Eastwood).  Created an honorary burgess of Perth.

Family of Duncan McLea -

John McLea, born 1722, eldest son; educated at University of Glasgow; licenced by Presbytery of Inveraray 3rd November 1747; tutor in the family of Sir James Campbell of Ardkinglass, Bart.; presented by Sir James Campbell September 1749; ordained Lochgoilhead and Kilmorich 24th July 1750; died 22nd December 1788. He married 13th April 1775, Christian Menzies, who died 18th November 1808, and had issue - Duncan, born 22nd January 1777; James, born 9th August 1778; Robert, born 7th May 1780, died 31st March 1792; Mary, born 10th March 1782; Archibald, born 17th September 1784; John, born 16th November 1786, died 1787, Christian, born 17th January 1788.

Archibald McLea, born 1738, second son, educated at University of Glasgow; M.A. (1756); licenced by Presbytery of Dunoon 2nd December 1760; ordained to Kilgarrow and Kilchoman 19th May 1762; presented by John, Earl of Bute, December 1764; transferred and admitted Rothsay 31st October 1765; D.D. (Glasgow, November 1801); clerk of the Presbytery 1774 - 1806. He brought an unsuccessful action in 1812 for trespass against a sherrif-officer employed by the Collector to levy assessed and property taxes, pleading exemption for himself and other ministers of the Church, in virtue of certain Acts of the Scottish Parliament. In 1818 he was the oldest officiating minister in the Church; he died 12th April 1824. He married, 29th March 1785, Isabella (died s.p, 11th May 1812, aged 74), daughter of Roderick McLeod, W.S., Edinburgh, and Isabella, only daughter of Hector Bannatyne of Kames and Bannatyne.

Duncan Mclea, third son; educated at University of Glasgow; M.A. (1762); licenced by Presbytery of Dunoon 25th June 1764;  presented by John, Earl of Bute, 1st March and ordained Inverchaolain 6th September 1770, died at Lugton, Dalkeith, 17th March 1785. He married 16th January 1772, Euphemia (died 25th October 1817), daughter of Michael Elphinstone of Quarrell, and had issue - Duncan, in service of Emperor of Russia, born 2nd January 1773; Helen Bruce, born 29th May 1774.


1750 - James Campbell, born 1731, brother of Robert Campbell, merchant, Halifax, Nova Scotia; licenced by Presbytery of Dalkeith 29th July 1746; called the 17th May and ordained Dull 20th September 1750; transferred to Carnwath 8th November 1758; presented by John, Earl of Breadalbane, 24th March, transferred and adm. 8th November 1759; died 17th February 1780. He married 23rd July 1744, Janet Corse, who died 23rd February 1780, and had issue - William, born 16th October 1747; Duncan.


1759 - James Stewart, son of Duncan Stewart of Blackhill and Mary Ferguson; licenced by Presbytery of Perth 30th September 1747; ordained by Presbytery of Duns 6th December 1757 as chaplain to the Black Watch; presented by George III 18th April and admitted. 12th September 1759; died unmarried 14th September 1768.


1769 - Alexander Campbell, licenced by Presbytery of Dunkeld 3rd August 1736; ordained to Weem 8th September 1741; presented by George III 14th October 1768; transferred and admitted 25th April 1769; died 14th December 1770. He married 30th April 1748, Christian Menzies, who died 4th April 1797, and had issue - John, born 2nd February 1749; Elizabeth, born 15th February 1752; Duncan, born 14th December 1754; Margaret, born 7th August 1756; Katherine (twin), born 7th August 1756 (married pro. 31st January 1785, Patrick Willianson, Lt. Price of Wales Regiment); Archibald, born 29th June 1758; Robert, born 21st September 1760; Jean, born 15th September 1761; Alexander, born 20th March 1764, died 28th March 1770.


1771 - Patrick McVean, born 28th November 1744, eldest son of John McVean, minister of Glenorchy; educated at University of St Andrews; M.A. (1763); licenced by Presbytery of Lorn 23rd March 1770; ordained (assistant) to Kilbrandon 27th March 1771; presented by George III and admitted to Dull 13th November 1771; presented by john, Earl of Breadalbane, 1st December 1788; transferred and admitted to Kenmore 30th April 1789; died March 1793. He married (1) 17th November 1772, Elizabeth Campbell, who died 20th November 1788 and had issue - John, born 21st October 1773; Susan, born 13th June 1775; Alexander, born 5th March 1777; Archibald, born 8th March 1779, went to Grenada, died 7th September 1822; Duncan, born 12th October 1781; William born 12th August 1783, died 29th June 1790; Christian, born 10th April 1786; (2) 27th December 1791, Marion Lockhart, Ayr, who died at edinburgh s.p. 2nd March 1823.


1789 - Archibald Menzies, born Auchnafauld, Glenquaich, 1760; licenced by Presbytery of Duns 2nd September 1788; presented by George III 3rd June and ordained Dull 17th September 1789; died August 1839. He married 24th April 1786, Margaret Murray, who died 2nd March 1832, aged 71, and had issue - William, assistant-surgeon, Inverness Militia, born 28th November 1787, died 5th January 1810; Robert, born 15th September 1789, died 22nd June 1812; George Cumming, born 13th August 1791, Archibald , born 21st June 1793, died 10th April 1795; Janet, born 5th January 1795; Ann, born 29th July 1796 (married Duncan Dewar, minister of Dull); Elizabeth born 10th July 1798, died July 1818; Margaret, born 3rd July 1801.


1839 - Duncan Dewar, born Kenmore, 6th March 1801, son of Duncan Dewar and Elizabeth Kennedy; educated at Kenmore School and University of St Andrews; licenced by Presbytery of Dunkeld in 1872; assistant at Brodick and Dull; ordained (assistant and successor) Dull 23rd July 1839; died 2nd September 1863. He married 3rd December 1839, Ann (died s.p. 28th November 1883), daughter of Archibald Menzies, minister of Dull.


1861 - Evan McKenzie Masson, born Belmaduthie, Knockbain, 2nd September 1833, son of William Masson, tacksman, of Flemington, Nairn, and Margaret Tolmie; educated at Munlochy School and University of Aberdeen, M.A. (March 1851) and St Andrews; licenced by Presbytery of Chanonry in 1854; assistant at Erchless; ordained to Kinlochluichart in 1857; transferred and admitted (assistant and successor) Dull 28th Febrauary 1861; died 1902. He married 7th April 1859, Christina (died s.p. 16th January 1913), daughter of Donald Robertson, factor to The Chisholm.


1903 - William Alexander MacFarlane, born Greenock, 5th July 1861, son of  Robert Maxwell MacFarlane, minister of Glenorchy and Inishail; educated at Glenorchy School, George Watson's College, Edinburgh and University of Glasgow; licenced by Presbytery of Lorn in 1884; ordained to Amulree 3rd February 1885; transferred to Newhall, Glasgow, 26th June 1889; transferred and admitted Dull 1st July 1903; clerk to Presbytery of Weem 1914-1920. Married 22nd February 1894, Dolina, daughter of Donald Mackay, minister of St Columba's Parish, Paisley, and had issue - Annie Lothian Morrison, born 28th November 1894; Robert Maxwell, engineer, born 2nd January 1897

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