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Our History

Dull and Weem Parish and the surrounding area is full of rich history.  
Below you can find out more about the area we call home.

History of the Church

The parish of Weem is curiously scattered over North Perthshire in pockets of land which vary In size from small to large. This came about as the Menzies of Weem acquired lands and considerable influence in Breadalbane during the 14th century, so that the parish of today is still intermixed with those of Logierait, Dull, Fortingall, Kenmore and Killin.

Weem Past and Present

The first mention of Weem as a Parish is in Boiamund’s Taxatio, preserved in the Vatican.  In this record, popularly known as Bagimont’s Roll, is set out a list of parishes and tithes, collected from them in 1275 and 1276 by Boiamund de Vicci, Nuncio sent out by the Pope to gather funds for the relief of the Holy Land.  

Weem to Camserney - Past and Present

Camserney to Dull - Past and Present

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