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October Service

Dear Friends, I am writing to let you know that we are planning to have a service of Public Worship in Dull and Weem Parish Church on the 11th October at 9:30am. The service will be led by the Rev Harry Mowbray. The decision to meet in this way has been reached after much deliberation, and being very careful to ensure that the safety of those worshipping is of paramount importance. For your information I have attached the Statement of Practice, detailing the arrangements for worship. I have also attached a Personal Scoring Document, produced by the Church of Scotland, to enable congregational members to make an informed choice as to whether they should attend worship or otherwise. The invitation to attend worship is extended to all (this being public worship) – members of Dull and Weem congregation, and those who are members of other congregations. We do not know how many people will attend worship, although we do have some indication from the questionnaires that were filled in a few weeks ago. We are hopeful that there will be enough room to accommodate all who come for worship within the requisite social distancing guidelines. If there are turns out to be a greater number than can be accommodate, those individuals unable to be accommodated will be given priority at a future service of worship. We have not yet decided when the next public worship would be following 11th October. A decision on this will be taken once we have a better gauge of cleaning requirements and our capacity to meet them. The dates for future worship will then be communicated as soon as possible. I should note that there will be still be an online service produced on the 11th October and the plan is for online worship to continue to be offered alongside any arrangements for physically gathered worship. If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact me on With warmest wishes and with the great privilege of being your minister, Neil Glover


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